Thinking Of Getting A Haircut During Lockdown? These Tips Will Help You

5 Valuable Tips To Get A Haircut At Home

Here are some tips for you which will help you cut your hair at home:

1. Go For Trimming

Always remember, now it is not the time to style your hair with various haircuts. All you can do is to just trim them so that you don’t get that rugged feeling anymore.

2. Damp Your Hair

You must know that before getting any haircut, it is important to damp your hair well. It would help you to get a smooth hassle-free cut.

Start trimming neck hair first

3. Start With The Neck

Of course you cannot trim your hair around the collar. So, you would be needing someone to help you get a trim done at neck areas.

4. Now Around The Ears

After trimming your neck area, you should ask your helper to go forward towards the ears. Trim this area very carefully as it is quite sensitive.

5. Overall Trimming

After the neck and ear areas, you can move upward lightly with the trimmer. It would help you get rid of that rugged texture.

In the end you should keep one thing in mind and that is less is more. This lockdown will not remain forever. Within a few days, the market will open and you can get the desired haircut anytime.